The Real Me

P1180137Inspired from the up-beat rythm of the song that was appeared in the fourth season Sex and the City episode, “The Real Me”, I decided that this song was the real deal of my-moment-of-life. The song is called Got to Be Real performed by  Cheryl Lynn in 1978. To have a little insight of how the scene and the song, kindly click the clip from the movie and continue reading my blog while listening the song or you may watch the video first.

Anyway…I don’t know how to begin with, but all I can write down here is that all the components of this song, the title, the scene of the movie, the title of the episode… they all seem to complete each other. Yes, I watched Sex and the City and I can remember episodes that brought me the AHA moment. ‘The Real Me’ episode is one of them. When the music started and Carrie came out to walk the runway, it was her blue coat or dress or whatever that she was wearing that got my attention. It was simple yet beautiful and the song followed her step smoothly. Or did she walk through the rhythm of the song? Well… either way, it was all good although the moment when Carrie fell down made the song even more perfect. It took her seconds to rise up and continued her walk and her moment of falling down really got me to think that…in this life we would fall down, we would be sad, we would be hurt, we would be humiliated but only we, ourselves that can help us to rise up again. There was no hand to help Carrie to rise up…and that is exactly what we are facing in this life. That sometimes all you need is yourself to rise up.

Going back to the title of this writing, I was intrigued to write ‘The Real Me’ when I turned on the radio this morning after I woke up and heard the song was played. Conversation that I had last night with somebody also made me realize that I just need to write down that this-is-the-real-me. I’m not trying to write down about what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of thing and I’m definitely making my self as the-center-of-the-stage here, as this is my blog and I’m writng lots of things that happens in my life.

I enjoy having conversation, discussion, debate or argumenting with someone. But there are times when I just want to say that the word ‘personal’ really means a lot to me. And when you hear me saying ‘It’s personal’ then that’s the cue for me or for you to change the subject of the discussion.

If something gets on my nerve, then I can raise my tone and really pissed of about it. Yes, I can say bad words, but I refuse to let my emotion drives me to say bad things about people. If we’re in the middle of discussion, then I’m prepared to listen to you. If you ask my opinion I expect the same, that you’re prepared to listen to me. Remember…to listen is not the same to argue. And to argue doesn’t mean that I have to be agreed with you. We may have different opinions, you may not like my opinions, you may not like my answer, you may think that I have the lowest, the dumbest, the most illogical reason of all, but hey…you asked my opinion, right?! And if you have to judge me by my answer, then I may judge you by your question.

If your definition of hanging out involves: club, DJ, alcohol, drugs, sex….then NO, I’m not fun to hang out with. I can come home late at night simply because I had late dinner and late talk with someone in restaurant or just had karaoke with my female-friends. I can stay home and read novels, chicklit, Harlequin or whatever I’m in the mood to read. I don’t go out with my male-friends because I may not have many of them. That’s why I don’t talk about male-friends and you don’t get to see me very often walking with one or two of them. But that doesn’t make me to stop believing that there’s a guy out there who’s probably just wanting or dying to get to know me.

If at one point your words got me down, or you hurt my feeling, or if you made me raise my tone, or if you got me to think that I’m not that good…..then it’s your lost. Because after falling down, I get right back up and keep walking, smile after being hurt, and standing tall to show you that this is The Real Me! :-)

Jakarta, 03.09.2011

Allow me to update this page dated 29.12.2015: more about my personality, habit or traits are revealed in my post Simple Truth and Other Simple Truth About Me

14 thoughts on “The Real Me

  1. praditalia

    a deeper introduction about ‘the real you’. it’s a new style to introduce about our self because beforehand, when I read ‘about me’ it’s always start with name, hometown, hobby or other. so, I can called it anti mainstream of ‘the real me’. Nice :-)

    1. arbiyanti

      Hello there Dita, thank you for dropping by. Hehehe.. anti-mainstream sounds a little bit mainstream now. After all…to get to know someone needs more than just reading the ‘about me’ section, so come closer to get to know each other :)

  2. Rani

    Hi Rina,
    It’s me Rani… hihi kind of funny when I said “Hi Rina it’s me Rani” felt like we’re connected :) . I lived in Bandung and usually people from Jakarta spend their weekend in here so, perhaps you come to Bandung please let me know 😀
    Wow you really have a nice blog and the picture up there its just so wonderfull.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leave some comment there, I’d really apreciate it.
    And here I am leaving my footprint and follow your blog forward.

    See you around :)

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Hallo Rani, thank you for visiting :) and sure thing i’ll remember to drop you a line whenever i visit Bandung! Maybe we can stroll the city together. Hehe :)

      1. Rani

        Sure do… just call me and we hang out together guess it’s gonna be fun 😀
        By the way I couldn’t find the follow button here :(

      2. Rani

        Dear Rina, I already reply this for 3 times, but seemed it rejected :(
        I wonder how can I get the posts from you because I can’t find the follow button here.

        1. arbiyanti Post author

          hallo Rani! rejected? why would you be rejected? o dear.. i’m sorry for the inconvenience. btw, i’m not good in navigation and reading map, so i personally wouldn’t recommend you to follow me 😀 hahaha! stop by anytime or put me on bookmark :)

          1. Rani

            I dunno myself, probably my comment goes to your spam. Well it’s okay, I’ll just stop by here and checked any newest posts from you and try to drop some comment maybe :)
            Oh and yeah I’ll bookmarked your blog. Thank you :)

          2. arbiyanti Post author

            Hi Rani! O dear.. you mentioned spam which brought me to check the spam comment and you’re right. They landed on spam box. I’ve removed them here now :) and catch you around sometimes, okay!

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Hallo Fee! Thank you for stopping by and please do come on in :) there aren’t so many (interesting) stories yet. I’ve been trying to re-connect with myself on what to do with my blog. *halah.. serius amat seh ini jawaban komen gw* Aniwey.. no need permission kok, feel free to roam about :)

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