About This Blog

I have been writing in WordPress since 2009 (1 year pause in 2014). A simple writing, a kind of day-to-day story telling. But just like living (and growing), I have decided to take my writing into the next level.

With the help from one of the nicest fellow blogger I’ve known, Febriyan Lukito, I have decided to move entire content of my previous WordPress blog to self-hosted WordPress website on November 1st, 2015.

Why bother change it to self-hosted website?

Well the reason is quite simple. Self-hosted website is a new thing for me and although internet with its latest technology is not my greatest interest, I am willing to learn (a little) more about it.

I must forewarn that I will keep my style of writing just as it is now and (probably) will not make major changes to the whole blog. I have never intentionally written review (products, restaurants, movies, books, etc) or focus my writing to something up-to-date (how-to, travelling, culinary, fashion and beauty, etc). There are huge numbers of professional and amateur bloggers who do that. And I’m telling you that they are extremely good in what they are doing. Well.. not that I’m not good in what I’m doing, but people write different things, right.

I write daily things in (my) life, what draws my attention, my deepest thought and feeling that I probably never let anyone know.

Allow me to welcome you to my self-hosted website: Feel free to roam about and shall my posts catch your interest, then do drop some comment. Looking forward to getting to know more and more great bloggers out there!

Thank you for paying this blog a visit :)

Warm regards




rina arbiyanti

Tangerang, 31.12.15