Stalking Alias

Okay, it’s raining and the time showed me 11:30 PM. I got lost between the lines of my writing and what do I do to keep myself distracted? I visited my profile (in dating website).

After finishing my thesis defence and revision, my thesis advisor encouraged us (my friends and I) to submit our writing to an academic national or international conference. He also mentioned something about publishing our research findings and collaborating to write a book. So here I am trying to re-write my thesis to be submitted and hopefully accepted to be presented in a national conference that will be held in May 2018.

I have to admit that writer’s block is a familiar term for me as I often encounter it very often. I have no idea what to write or how to write my ideas, so I make sure to find some distraction hoping that eventually I’ll be in the mood to write smoothly. Well, my distraction isn’t always academic or scientific related. Most of the time it is nonsense-related or very unimportant-things related. One of my distractions when I visited the world wide web is visiting my profile in dating website. See.. very unimportant! Haha.

It’s actually interesting to visit dating website every now and then. Seeing those men profiles, reading about them and quite often I got laugh to read their funny or weird profiles. Funny in terms that their profiles can really be entertaining with all the romance description or even no description at all. So yes, most men do come with very few words.

Anyway, my distraction today got me pretty much curious about one man. No particular reason really. I just figured his name was unusual so I typed his profile name in google search and tadaa.. I found his profile in airbnb, he’s legit and verified.

Lesson learned, people… please be creative when creating profile name. I mean.. I get the whole point about dating website to some people is a serious tool to find the significant other (hah.. excellent choice of term!), but come on.. even if you have unique name, try to be less unique when you create profile name. For curious people like me, unique or unusual name may pique my interest and next thing you know… I could stalk you down in the internet.

But hey, lucky you… I don’t like endless stalking. Googling your name is enough and when writing you an email doesn’t do me good (read: unreplied), then forgetting your name is probably the best thing to do…

Jakarta, 19.02.18

PS: This blog’s name is pretty much all real. Stalking me can only be done here in this blog and anyway.. why bother stalking me? My life isn’t that interesting anyway. Haha!

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