Redefine: Twenty Eighteen

It’s new year, folks! In case you forgot… it’s 2018!

Just to keep in mind that a friend of mine mentioned the year twenty eighteen and made a joke about it by saying ‘feeling twenty looking eighteen!’ another friend of mine replied saying ‘more like feeling twenty times eighteen’

Well.. it’s all in the state of mind. I can say it over and over that I’m feeling like twenty or eighteen or even threehundredsixty, but I probably choose to feel like I am at the moment. I can’t lie to myself that I am 30+ even my body knows that I’m just fooling around by saying I’m feeling like twenty. Like seriously.. this body would ache when I overwork or feeling completely out of breath when I do track-rounds of running. Okay, wait a minute.. I don’t even run and I definitely try not to overwork things. Haha!

But anyway.. let’s redefine the year twenty eighteen.

A friend of mine replied my text saying: 2018 –> finish S2!

That would probably the most logical thing to write. We’re actually getting ready for our thesis defence in January 2018. God knows I’m finding it hard to believe that I missed one of the most important analyses in chapter 4. I don’t even know how to face my lecturers, although I know that there’ll be solution to it. I guess things in 2018 would start a little bit rocky but we just have to finish what we have started, and finishing my study in 2018 is what I aim.

Other things to be accomplished in 2018 seem to be kind of vague.

Can I write: 2018 –> enrolling myself to short-course about HR?

Yes, I can. But give me a little while to catch my breath here. Spending my Saturdays drowning in books for the past two years is quite a lot. This short-course is only 3 months but the schedule is pretty tight: Monday-Friday 18.30-21.00 and Saturday 08.00-17.00! Literally rolling my eyes…

Can I write: 2018 –> getting married?

Yes, I can by finding me a mail-order bridegroom first! LOL

Or do any of the readers here have any idea where to get a mail-order bridegroom? Or website-order bridegroom? Okay, I’m joking! No, seriously.. just joking 😀

I won’t write much about what to do in 2018. I like to keep it rolling and moving, let’s just enjoy the ride and make sure to always be thankful and be happy!

Welcome Twenty Eighteen :)

Jakarta, 01.01.18

6 thoughts on “Redefine: Twenty Eighteen

  1. arbiyanti Post author

    Thank you, Pak. Yes, my study is almost coming to an end in this early year. I sure need a bigger hammer to nail it well 😀

  2. Ailtje

    Please please don’t order any bride online, just wait. When the time is right, your other half will show up :)
    Selamat tahun baru ya. Semoga tahun ini membawa keberkahan buat kita semua.

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Jeung Ailsaaa, apa kabar? Happy New Year! Same wishes to you as well, all the good blessing and fortune throughout 2018!

      Hehehe, antik ya ide tentang mail-order bridegroom 😀 tapi gw selalu bertanya2 apakah memang benar ada seseorang yang mengajukan diri menjadi mail-order bride/groom? thank you for the encouragement :) o my other half, where are thou…

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