Socially Clueless

My boss couldn’t come to the meeting that embassy held, so she asked me to come. At the very last minute. Sigh.

See the thing is, I practically declined to come to the annual administration party held by the embassy just the day before simply because I’m finding it hard to be in a place full of people yet feeling empty inside. Okay, please excuse my exaggeration there. Haha.

So after succeed in avoiding the crowd of embassy people, I yet to come to this meeting ‘Kriseninformationveranstaltung‘. Yup, I’m in a crisis alright! It was just a one-hour event about how the Germans (living in Indonesia) handle crisis, presented by embassy for representative of 25 german institutions. After 12 slides of power point and 50 minutes presentation including Q&A, the event was over and I literally ran myself to catch the train to BSD. Before I left, I noticed that people were making small talk after the event. But not me. I wasn’t interested to stay any longer because I had no clue whatsoever about handling crisis and I certainly wasn’t in the mood to talk with people. Gosh, I’m so bad in networking.

But seriously, I wonder how people can make small talk easily while here I am entering room full of people feeling small all of the sudden. Not that I’m not confident or lack of self esteem. I just find myself to be more at ease when I feel like I want to attend an event. Even then, I’d prefer to be the listener among the crowd though sometimes it gets tiring to hear people bragging about themselves. I’d like to be socially active engage in meaningful conversation with people. But I don’t like to pretend to be someone I’m not.

I’ll call myself socially clueless. Or perhaps socially awkward as Ty Tashiro mentioned in his book titled: Awkward: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome (April, 2017). It’s an interesting term considering the fact that I don’t think myself as an awkward person or intentionally branding myself to be different than the others. But I agree that some people see things in unusual perspective, hence we have different approach when it comes to social settings.

Being a little bit socially clueless somewhat brings its own perks. As Tashiro explained in his article (read more Being Socially Awkward Is Actually Awesome, According to Science) that embracing our unique perspective and exuberance for uncommon things is the key to realizing our unique potential.

Jakarta, 16.12.17

PS: Later that afternoon, someone from the embassy called my colleague asking how come nobody from the school came to the event. I widen my eyes and told my colleague that I was sitting in front of that man wearing red dress. How can someone not see the colour red?!

PSS: I’m probably very much invisible. Yeah, don’t mind me. Haha.

Update on 21.12.17: An article that might help me or should anyone feel the same awkwardness like me……     Okay then, let’s break the ice with these 5 questions:

Question 1: How do you know… (mention the person who invites you to the event)?

Question 2: They pick really good songs, don’t they?

Question 3: What do you think about the presentation?

Question 4: Your holiday sounds like fun. Say, what’s your next destination?

Question 5: Have you met my friend, … (mention your friend’s name or include someone else to the conversation)?

Oo well.. just just read the article for detail 5 Pertanyaan Basa-Basi untuk Kenalan Dengan Orang Baru


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