[EF #49] Hit The Road…

After canceling my previous plan to visit Banda Neira, Ambon, I was pretty much running out of idea to decide whether I shall visit someplace else. Or better yet, shall I take my leave or not…

I’ve mentioned quite often how workalover I am. Let’s just say that I spend time more in the office during holiday season only because I have this undesired sea-sick, road-sick or whatever kind-of-sick they’re calling it whenever I’m off to go for travelling. I hate to admit it, but those who have gone travelling with me know the worst part of me vomitting during boat-trip or car-trip. I remember years ago during our first trip together, they went worry for my pale face. But nowadays they’d only put a glance on me, taking off their sunglasses, giving me the plastic bag and then continue taking nap in the car or enjoying the sea breeze.

So yes, I’m not fun to go travel with. But hey, where’s the fun of going to somewhere without stories of unfortunate to be told. My friends, sister or colleagues would definitely remember going on a trip with me, due to my sea-sick or road-sick.

Just like any other loving sibling (through sickness and health), my sister will still want me to go with her for another travelling-series. Believe me when I said that she takes seriously Dalai Lama’s quote “Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.” But my sister doesn’t want it to be just once in a year. Nope. She decided to create her own quotation “twice a year, go travelling”. And with a wad of money she gave me, I made the trip arrangement for us and her other 2 friends.

Let’s hit the road, baby! Off we went to Padang! My sister wanted to visit Sumatera and this year she opted for Padang. I arranged to book trip-package for Padang-Bukittinggi (3D/2N) with all include transportation, hotel, meals etc.

I packed lots of Tolak Angin, patch for flatulance, Cajuput Oil and reminded myself that first thing I do once I land in Padang is to buy coffee! We flew on July 21st, first flight to Padang arrived on time 07.35 WIB. Our first stop was Padang beach, followed by Masjid Raya and continue the ride to Bukittinggi. Second day was quite a long car-trip to Payakumbuh and third day was to the iconic Jam Gadang and Ngarai Sianok. Agreed, most of our destinations are very touristy, well.. we’re just lack of creativity when it comes to arranging a trip!

Tangerang, 01.08.17

PS: Keep reading other stories from fellow bloggers of BEC, and this post is submitted to answer the challenge titled ‘How Was Your Holiday?’

PS again: Bukittinggi is famous for its twisty roads, but hey.. I was car-sick free during the trip :)

Another PS: Getting ready for another trip.. this time a train-trip to Wonosobo! Excited to visit Dieng Culture Festival on August 4th – 6th, 2017. I’ll write more about it on my next post!


4 thoughts on “[EF #49] Hit The Road…

  1. tane

    Pertama kali ke bukittinggi , impresiku adalah: ‘its a sleepy rainy town,’ namun meninggalkan kota itu dengan memori yang tenang dan damai sekali..
    I wish you could go there again Dan coba kunjungi Lembah Harau, its like something out of Jurassic Park movie 😀

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Hallo Tane, Lembah Harau juga dikunjungi kok, tapi kurang berkesan 😀 klo mau yang berasa kaya di Jurassic Park, itu pas gw ke arah TN Bantimurung dan ke Pulau Komodo :)

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