A little bit of chivalry

Dear Gentleman,

I find it amazing that you have a good sense of chivalry. Though I regret to misread your act of being corteous as something that demean me.

After all these years of feeling sorry for not letting you know that I have mistreated you, nowadays such simple gesture of a man allowing me to make the first entrance, reminds me of you.

I miss the chivalry act from a fine gentleman like you. The way you would take the outer side of the pedestrian to keep me safe from the passing vehicle, the way you stand when I excuse myself to the powder room after dinner, the way you help me wear my coat and put on my scarf to keep me warm, the way you hold the door for me and letting me inside the room first so I may have the warmth from the chilly winter.

Ah but nowadays, where everybody can find anybody… you are the only one whom I can not find. I can not google you because you left me no trace.

My dear gentleman, your little chivalry did not last long as we probably will never cross path anymore…

Jakarta, 30.07.17

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