(People) Person

Are you a morning person? Or a night person?
Are you a cat person? Or a dog person?
What kind of person are you?

Hhmm, should anyone ever curious about me (hah, as if any!), then I’ll be glad to explain as follow:

I don’t consider myself morning person as I don’t function very well in the morning. Not at least until I get my first cup of coffee (normally around 6 to 7 am). I prefer sipping my coffee to the silence of morning. Or should there be any sound, then I’d turn on the radio for the morning songs that can boost my mood. If you’d ask me questions or attempting a nice conversation with me before my morning coffee, then it’ll likely be pointless because I probably won’t respon or I’d snap and say things like “People, please.. what’s with the 20 questions?! Can I have my peace here”

Unless I’m doing my almost due-date college paper, then I probably fall asleep before 11pm. So no, I’m not a night person either.

I’m more like a mid-day person actually. I may say that my energy is at the fullest around 2-4pm. Kind of time-short, but it helps me to keep focus on finishing my work before heading home at 5pm.

Kids love to have pet. I used to have a kitten when I was just a little girl but unfortunately my aunt who lives with my family made a cruel comment how tending pets can be such a work to do around the house. Meaning, no pets are allowed. Eventually, I gave up wanting pets and letting go the kitten, the turtle, the fish. Somehow my aunt’s words are like unwritten rules in the house, so the pets must go. I became no-pet person.

Although I would love to practice the motto ‘I aim to please (you)’, the reality is I’m not a people pleaser. I can’t even describe myself as people person either.

When I told my friend that I’m not such a likeable person and that I find myself hard to befriend with people in new environment, she said.. “that’s bulls***! You’re one of the few people who know how to introduce yourself in a new environment and can get along fine with people whom you barely know. In other words: You’re pretty likeable” Haha, my friend could crack a joke!

After reading this post, I bet you’ll be thinking what a waste of time to be curious about me. This post should’ve come with warning: Need not to be curious about other people! Just like Marie Curie once said “Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” Or keep in mind to what Henry Thomas Buckle once said “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

We definitely have great minds, so.. care to discuss some ideas with me?


Jakarta, 03.07.2017


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