Break My Heart

It doesn’t matter what many songs said about the damage of broken heart may result. It doesn’t matter that mending broken heart is a difficult task indeed.

What matters to me is the journey to discover one man who can break my heart. When all the hype about finding Mr. Right is the main subject of articles, I tend to be more specific about some One.

Here’s the funny thing about One. It may be so plain and boring to have only some One man, but kindly note that I only need One man. After all One is better than Zero. One is better than No One.

So why do I want to be broken-hearted by some One?

Well, the very point is quite simple. I have never felt broken-hearted because no One has ever made me one. I’d very much like to explore that. Having some One and experiencing the whole broken heart kind of feeling. The fact is when my heart is broken, the scar will be left as reminder and just like everything in this earth, it’ll fade eventually as something beautiful.

For now, it just breaks my heart to have no One…

Jakarta, 17. 06. 17


Note: the idea to write this post is a mere free-writing as combination of two articles I read few days ago:

Why 1 View is Everything

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

And to accompany you reading this post, check out Ruth B’s Superficial Love live session (waay better than the official). Oh and by the way, Tori Kelly’s Dear No One (listen to the accoustic version) made this post more appealing as well. Enjoy!


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