As oppose to be feeling young at heart, I must admit that listening to today’s songs in the radio makes me feel ancient.

My colleagues who are mostly above forty years old, keep on telling me the bizarre fact that I know (and can sing) the oldies and evergreen songs. They say that I’m actually fifty above but trapped in a body of thirty-something woman. Gee, thanks guys!

And that is why I am now listening radio that is playing today’s hits. The songs are okay, easy-listening and most of the lyrics are about love, love, love. Yes, love is always in the air, baby!

Whenever I’m interested to find out more about the singers/musicians, I will end up gawking at their age. Seriously, they are soo young! Like 19 to 25 years old! Where was I when I was that age? Oh yeah, I was in the college and literally can’t wait to get out of the university. And here they are, the today’s singers/musicians looking flashy, ridiculously rich and always showing the life of living free or carefree and careless.

Ah, my youth seems like decades ago.. but being ancient today makes me even younger than ever before.

To all the 18/19 years old and the twenty-something (or what do they call them today? Millennials?!) thank you for making me feeling younger!

Jakarta, 01.07.17

PS: Currently listening to Troye Sivan, Kygo, Alan Walker, Flume, Liam Payne, Jonas Blue, Gryffin, Dua Lipa, Ruth B, Julia Michaels, Daya, Tori Kelly, Martin Garrix, etc..

Another PS: Please bear with me when I sing songs from Barry Manilow, Boney M, Andy Williams, Yvonne Elliman, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, ooh..and imagine even there was one day when I sang ‘küssen verboten’ by Die Prinzen was considered ancient. Sigh!

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