It’s Been A While

Well hello there 2017! This is a very late post indeed!

I’m not proud to say that I’ve been neglecting my post for couple months. It’s between the work, the school, the assignments, the tests and now that the new semester is just around the corner.. I’ll be sure to write even fewer posts.

Not that I have people who read my posts regularly, but since I’m nowhere to be found in the ‘usual’ social media.. I guess writing a short post saying that I’m still up and around will give a little indication of my existence.

So what do I do these days? Or what’s new (resolution) in 2017?

Well, I practically forgot about resolution. Do people even still make new year resolution? I don’t make resolution list anymore -not that I ever make one. Fact is, I keep on thinking that constant prayer is an effective resolution. So why wait till new year to pray?

Anyway, my resolutions/wishes have always been simple. Always be grateful and having smooth journey to complete my master study… well the list could go on, but let’s just keep it short, shall we. There is one thing that I remind myself to: that I’m actually ready to settle down. But you know the saying ‘It takes two to tango’, well.. in my case ‘It takes two to build a family’ so yup.. the other one is still out there, somewhere, I don’t know.

Okay, I wouldn’t write so much about resolution. I’m interested in letting you know that the 3rd semester has begun, I have chosen Education Management as my concentration and boy oh boy.. the courses are getting more intriguing! And to add the excitement, I’ve submitted my thesis proposal. It’s really just a draft and haven’t even touched the theme core. I decided that it’ll be a quantitative research in finding relationship between variables. It’s not to be determined yet if the variables are ‘research-able’ are not. I mean… I could really use some guidance on how to elaborate these variables to be something that can be researched and above all.. that my thesis can bring benefit to school.

One of my research interest is Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) and apparently I can dig up more about it through one of the course called Organizational Behaviour. So what exactly will I be learning in the 3rd semester?

– more to come in my next post….

Tangerang, 06.02.17

2 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Thank you, Ryaaan. Maap banget baru sempet bales komen lo. Hayuuk BEC aktif lagi! dinantikan challenge-nya yaa :)

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