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This post is not intentionally made to self pity myself about my non-existent romance/love life. Honestly, this post is just a little reminder that I have probably taken too much time in drowning to my works and study. Maybe.

A colleague of mine encouraged me (or should I say: dared me) to make an approach to a visiting-teacher who comes for two-weeks on an exchange programme. I snorted and said: Nah, he looks too young (and apparently he looks like he’s too aware of his good-looking).

My uninterestedness to this particular Adonis has brought comments from my colleague. She said that I was being such a dork (in an amusing tone and not to hurt or anything) to let the chance of getting to know someone slip so easily. Then without hesitation my colleague began analizing me. Here it goes!

She said that I should have gone out for more, out from my comfort-zone, I should move on, I should open myself up, and the list go on and on and on. She even told me that I should have moved and changed job so the possibility to meet guys are far better. I laughed and told her that I had opportunities to change my current job and move out of Indonesia.

Years ago I’ve done interview and was in process to apply for work permit in Singapore, but then I dropped everything and decided to return to Indonesia. More about the story of Chances

An offer came to work in Germany which I tried to get along with it. I even made a visit to the site in Trostberg, a city in district of Traunstein, Bayern. I met the owner, he told me about the job and he even made mental note on how to get me work in Germany with legit paper and everything. When I came back to Indonesia, I’ve made my mind to give him a call letting him knows that I have second thought and turn down his offer.

Just around last year an email came to me with title position work in Apple’s Europe HQ located in Cork, Ireland. I went along with the emails and Skype interview until I realize that it was somehow unimaginable to be able to work in Apple. So I never did finish the whole process. More about the story of Waaay Out Of My (Ivy) League

My colleague’s jaw dropped as I told her all the above to which she then said how stupid I was to let go of those chances. Oh well, to my defense, I told her that I’m now getting out every Saturday to the campus. That would be considered to get out of my comfort-zone, right.

Here’s another recent comment came from one of German teacher who passed by my desk last week. I noticed when he entered the administration room and talked to my colleague. When he passed by my desk to exit the room, he made a stop in front of me and ask where I was earlier that he didn’t notice I was at my desk. I looked at him and said: ‘Ich bin doch die ganze Zeit hier’. I was wearing bright red blouse sitting in front of my computer the whole time he spoke to my colleague and yet he didn’t see me.

Point is, when it comes to get to know people and go outside to extend the search of potential love-partner… wherever I go, whatever I wear.. I’m actually already right here in front of you.

You’re just probably too busy to see me…

Jakarta, 06.11.2016

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