Half The Truth

I was up for presentation last week (08.10.16) for the subject of Knowledge Management. Our topics of discussion were role of human resource and knowledge sharing process.

There was an interesting point of view regarding knowledge sharing that my friend had explained. It even came with a mathematical equation (or something like that).

Now, it may sound a little bit too serious to talk about knowledge sharing in this blog so that’s why I won’t discuss much about it (or should you wish to discuss about it, then I’m also up for it!)

Anyway, I just want to write few words of what is it that makes people chooses to share their knowledge. Of all the principles that build the knowledge sharing, I believe the importance of relationship and trust.

Knowledge sharing is a very natural process for human being. Believe it or not, we -yes, we as in you, me and all of us- like to learn, to create, to share. However, it is up to us to choose whether we want to share the knowledge that we have learnt or we have created.

I realize that it makes sense why the verb ‘choose’ plays important role here. Even sharing the truth (as a sign of trust) is something that people have to choose. And when people choose not to share the truth or (mildly put) share only half of the truth, where do you think it would lead us to?


half-the-truth_2So you see, half the truth plus half the truth does not equal whole Truth!


half-the-truthHalf the truth plus half the truth equals Lie


Tangerang, 18.10.16


Please find below articles about Knowledge Management (topic: Knowledge Sharing) as our references:



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