Rookie’s Lesson

There was probably something amiss when my boss wrote me WhatsApp-Message last Saturday evening (03.09.16). She wrote simple text asking me to be available on-call on Sunday evening.

She called me on WhatsApp and we talked about 1,5 hour. Basically, she needed to gather facts regarding to issues that our department is facing. Issues that I may have known all along.

Does one of the issues have anything to do with the title? Yes, indirectly.

I am not famous for my friendliness at work. God knows I hide myself behind computer and rarely strolling around the school. As someone who had experience working in the front desk, I admit that I’m lack of that certain costumer-service personality. Even my colleagues said that I should’ve been working as chief security due to my stern trait Hahaha.

The thing is, I take my work seriously (don’t we all do). I’m up to the challenge to handle one step ahead of my boss, which means I prefer to get things done even before my boss asks. I personally find extra works may enrich me in certain ways. But hey.. what does that make me? A mean colleague to the rookie! That’s probably how she’d define me. A one mean, prim and uptight woman who doesn’t know how to have fun.

Oh but sweet rookie, bear in mind that I didn’t get this far just by sitting like a slouch. If the rookie fails to see how people’s work ethic has helped to shape one solid department, then it’s our job in the department to evaluate how far have we as team can accommodate this rookie to work better in the future.

Jakarta, finished writing: 23.09.16

NB: Coincidentally, the theme of this post has something to do with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). A theme that pique my interest as I am a team-member of school’s administration and who knows.. I might as well make a research of OCB’s effect in work place. Gee, thanks Rookie.. you just gave me an idea!

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