Your Stats Are Booming!

Hoho, what just happened? How come my stats are booming?! Well, somebody probably got lost in his/her google-search and got stranded in my blog.

Truth be told, I am not one of many people who love the crowd attention. It was funny when somebody approached me when I mentioned something about blogging and all of the sudden she was interested to know about my blog and my writing. I said to her that my writing is really just nothing.

Well of course my blog is not nothing to me. I tend to write something short and simple, around 500-800 words (oh but who’s counting, right!). When it comes to share personal informations, I make very little effort to it. When it comes to share my knowledge, I try to make sure that I’m able to take responsibility of the information and the sources that I cite. Basically, if I write some posts that have anything to do with my study, then it’s probably because I do them as part of my college assignments or I’m getting a little bit derail from the assignments 😀

So if one day my site stats are booming, I wonder who on earth read my posts? Hahaha!

Jakarta, 23.08.16

2 thoughts on “Your Stats Are Booming!

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Hai Vitaaa. Hehe..nice to know somebody down under is around. perhaps there’s somebody up above come to visit my blog as well :)

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