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Ever heard of POF? If you are curious about dating website, you’ve probably heard that abbreviation before. Here’s the thing I always wonder: how could anyone use ‘plenty of fish’ as a name for a dating website? Of course my wonder is in the positive side. I mean, how catchy that word, right. To tell you the truth, I never even visited the website (yet) and just as I started to write this post, I began my search of what on earth is POF. Reading Wikipedia and stories behind the man who made it, gave me enough information. And yet, I haven’t even looked the POF website.

Well, I’m not here to write about Plenty Of Fish. God knows that finding the one/better half/soulmate is just like angling for a fish in an open sea/ocean/continent.. so yeah that makes sense to name the dating website Plenty Of Fish. Now let’s pretend if I were to be someone who is appointed to make a dating website go internationally well-known, what would my dating website’s name be?

HHmm.. I’m not famous for my creativity, so if you think I could come up with a catchy name to name a dating website, then noo… that is so not me. But hey.. if ‘plenty of fish’ can be a good name for dating website, then I’d be sure to name my dating website: FNIH stands for Finding Needle In A Haystack. Okay, that’s not even close to catchy! Hahahaha 😀

But I’m serious here… when I read that POF is making billions of money and in the end bought by, it’s becoming apparent that this whole idea of ‘pairing up, matchmaking, building a relationship’ isn’t just about connecting two single people to be together. It goes waaay more than that.

In the end.. Everything about love is beautiful.

As beautiful as making a good business out of love itself..

Jakarta, 29.06.16

PS: My previous post was telling you that I discontinue or switch off my membership in dating website, right. Well… news flash: I sign myself in again. So.. wish me luck, because I’m going fishing again!

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    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Haha… may I know what this hooraaay means :p I just hope that this means you’ll be accompanying me going fishing 😀

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