I Saw The Sign

notintoyouIf the title makes you want to sing the song ‘The Sign’ from Ace of Base, then by all means.. grab the mic and sing with me! Haha. Okay, just kidding. I’m not here to sing, let alone karaoke. I’ve had just about enough giving torture to my friends over the Inul Vista’s room couple years ago.

So what’s the title all about then?

Well, first of all please allow me to refresh your memories about my previous post which tells you the recent fact why I have discontinued my membership in a dating website.

Granted, It discouraged me to know that some members didn’t show enough honesty to say what they want to say.   I absolutely don’t know whether they don’t want to say something that might hurt my feeling or they are just avoiding me. Well, either way.. it’s pretty obvious to me that I saw the signs of what’s coming (or not coming).

But then again, I probably should also mention that when a guy give me a one-word answer (or one-sentence answer), I just know that he’s not into me. Yup, the signs are all there; one-word answer and getting a silent treatment.

Well, what do you know… in the end I learned quite a few signs from the obscure world of dating website after all.

Jakarta, 14.06.16

PS: Do you really want to know The Signs He’s Not Into You? Brace yourself, gurl! Because there’s nothing better than taking the blow right in front of your face!

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