Many Ways To Know…

Back when I was 23-25 years young, I had fun reading Cosmopolitan and Cita Cinta though not religiously reading the love relationship or romance section for that matter. Fact was, during that year of my life, love or romance was the last thing that I can think of.

But of course every girl wishes a little romance. Even me myself, the girl with no sign of romance existence, wish a little love sparkle in her life. So whenever I see title of an article that has everything to do with love and relationship, I’d be enthusiast to read it through.

Today, I don’t read Cosmopolitan anymore. I enjoy reading home decoration tabloid (not that i want to be Martha Stewart or anything). Sometimes i get enough of those love/romance/relationship articles that i read online. There was a time when i figured that those articles would enlighten me in some ways or even in many ways that can help my love life (shall there be any). But nah, i learn how to read the situation. I can finally say that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when it comes to love, I’ll let my heart leads me to the one who love me for real.

Jakarta, 28.06.16

2 thoughts on “Many Ways To Know…

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Hahaha, berarti gw tante2 banget dong… karena jaman2 baheula bahkan suka baca majalah Kartini dan Femina dan tabloid Nova 😀

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