An Equation: Math=Love

One day I wrote a post about profile in dating website which received comment from Ailsa giving me weblink of a woman named Amy Webb who shared her experience joining a dating website in a 17-minutes presentation of TED Talk.

If you have seen her presentation and felt how tough work of finding the Prince Charming through her algorithm, scoring system and mathematically calculation of whether or not she thought the guy that she found online would be a match with her… well you’re not alone! Because seriously, her mathematical analysis was really interesting and turned out to be a happy ending story. So I began to think:

Does Math really have anything to do with Love?

Oh but who am I to talk about Math! God knows I suck at Math. Even my math teacher in high school despised entering the Language Class, because most of us skip the math lesson and avoiding math in every possible way. But our math teacher was being nice and understood our weakness in math, so what he did during his lesson was.. he’d asked us to finish one or two exercises from the book and off he went outside the class and let us do our thing.

Okay, back to Math now. I somehow wasn’t all that surprise when Vita shared a blog of a math teacher and one of his post talked about why somebody was still single. Here we go again with the mathematical analysis, where an example of an English young man writes a paper why he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

As interesting as it may seem of how this mathematical counting could help the quest for love, I on the other hand may count on words to help me get through this tangle of love confusion.

If Math is a riddle and Love is a game, wouldn’t we all be excited to solve the riddle of the game.

Tangerang, 01.07.16


4 thoughts on “An Equation: Math=Love

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Oh yes.. all that number when it comes to love! why not say infinity for love.. or indefinite numbers when finding love.

  1. Vita

    I also came across a TEDx Sydney talk titled “Math and Sex” which has millions views..not really interesting but if u want to see some more love-related equations, have a watch..

    (that video actually was in my youtube “recommendation” list which showed up after I finished watching another TEDx talk (stanford) titled “The Beauty in Algebra”…which has far less views,but IMO more structured and much better than the Sydney one)

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Thank you for the reference. Hehe.. one thing that came to mind when you say Stanford: the TED Talk of Psychology of Evil from Philip Zimbardo. Absolutely not related to love and math!

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