Plan My Trip (Wisely)

Wait a minute.. everybody who knows me know that I’m far from wise. As a matter of fact, I am unwise when it comes to plan my trip.

This year’s summer holiday is the time to mark my calender with many XXX. What does XXX mean? Well, my colleagues and I will need to mark the holiday calender and make sure that somebody’s in charge in the office during the holiday. I am known to stay in the office during holiday. This year is about to change though.

I’m letting you know in advance that I can’t wait to explore Purwakarta, Aceh, Medan and Kalimantan. You read it right: I want to climb mountain, dip in to the water, snorkeling, trekking in national parks, live on board cruising the river in Kalimantan.

icon_new_wonderful indonesia_logo-JPG

Yeah baby, let’s explore Indonesia!

Jakarta, 26.06.16

2 thoughts on “Plan My Trip (Wisely)

  1. andin

    How about enjoying a nice peaceful afternoon in one particular house in Bandung having a bite of a fresh-from-the-oven casserole while catching-up? 😉 hihi…

    1. arbiyanti Post author

      Now, ain’t that something to look forward to :) your home-made casserole with coffee and catching up! Gurl, I’m on it :-*

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