[EF #43] Off-Limits During Ramadhan

People make adjustments during Ramadhan. BEC brought this interesting topic and I’m eager to find out what other members do to adjust their daily-life habit when Ramadhan comes.

Mine would be something simple. Coffee is off-limits during Ramadhan. And I mean strictly off-limits. I don’t drink coffee at all during ramadhan.


Picture taken from Guide to healthy fasting: Drinks to avoid during Ramadan

Normally I’d drink my coffee (cream and sugar) in the morning after finishing one glass of mineral water, and another cup of coffee in the afternoon when some works are cooling down a little bit.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t call myself a real-coffee-drinker or even a coffee addict for that matter. If the term social drinker can be applied to coffee, then I’m probably one of the social-coffee-drinker. But wait a minute, the fact here tells otherwise. The term of social drinker means someone who drinks liquor repeatedly in small quantities. Now, do I drink coffee in small quantities? Hardly!

So let’s get back to the coffee again and what my body tells me how to respond regarding coffee drinking. During fasting, human body loses liquids, thus we need healthy drink after or during iftar to avoid dehydration in an effective manner. As we all know dehydration may also cause undesirable response such as: constipation, headache, dizziness, tiredness and dry skin. It is stated in an article that it is not recommended having too many cups of tea or coffee as the caffeine leads to loss of water which increases thirst.

It’s important to know and feel what our body tells us regarding drinks and food that we consume during Ramadhan. I think this is what amazes me when it comes to Ramadhan. My mind, body and soul work together to balance my intake. It takes all the will to fast during Ramadhan and once my mind say stop, hold or enough to certain drinks or food then my body will respond by slowing the digestion and in the end my soul will remain calm throughout the day.

Over the years during Ramadhan, I realize that I can only manage good and healthy intake if I give enough thought about what is tolerable and what is off-limits during Ramadhan.

Coffee is definitely off-limits during Ramadhan for me and should you have things that you adjust during Ramadhan, what would that be? Participate by submitting your English post to answer BEC’s Challenge!

Tangerang, 21.06.16

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