[EF#7] Get Wet

It’s Frühjahrsferien or should i say one-week Spring Break. One of the best thing about school holiday is that we get the school building and all facilities empty. No running kids, no loitering nannies and drivers, no gossiping parents, no rushing teachers. Just us…employees.

On late July 2014, during summer holiday, shortly before Idul Fitri 2014, I was in the deep of my work when one of the chat group in WA buzzing on me. The group asked about what we were doing and longing for picture of where we were at that time. It was lunch hour and while other colleagues having their lunch, I was fasting and thinking about going for a little walk to the back of the school and took picture of the swimming pool. I sent it to the group and told them that I was dipping my feet in the warm sunny day of July.

2014-07-24 12.49.02


Pool on July 2014

I remember my first year of working in this school. There was one moment in lunch time during the school holiday that I literally sitting on the bench under the hood and was looking at the pool imagining my self on holiday straightening my feet on the deckchair, looking at the blue sky, relaxing by the beach side. School facilities, be it the pool, the football or basketball field, the indoor sporthall are not for public use and any usage needs to be acknowledged by the School Management. Some employees however take the liberty to use the facility after office hour. Some may go for swimming couple laps in the afternoon, or jog in the running track.

It took me four years to plunge myself and getting wet into the swimming pool. Though I enjoy swimming, but I was not feeling very excited swimming in the school pool because after couple laps I realize that I was literally running out of breath, sneezing all the time, and my nose started to run as well. Imagining getting wet was fun. Dipping my feet was fun. But having flu after getting wet was not fun at all. And from that on, I decided to just go for swimming whenever I go on travelling to the beach. Oo..and talking about travel and beach in one sentence..i’m all so excited about Komodo Trip on my next school holiday in March! I won’t just imagine dragon and getting wet, I will see the dragon and snorkel in Pink Beach!

Tangerang, 16.02.15


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6 thoughts on “[EF#7] Get Wet

  1. arbiyanti

    guten Abend Ami. pls just call me rina and thank you for stopping by. if you live around Serpong, do come over to where i work and have a splash with me :)

  2. Sandrine Tungka

    Salam kenal mba :)
    It is a nice swimming pool btw …
    But I am intrigued with your words “no gossiping parents” .. Well I guess most schools face this kind of reality aren’t they? It looks contrast. 😀

  3. arbiyanti

    halo Sandrine, salam kenal juga. panggil rina aja ya. hehe. thank you for paying my blog a visit and for the comment.

    if i can add, the fact is…don’t we all love exchanging stories and (sometimes) pour tea to it. but yeah…i don’t think school is an appropriate place for that, right?! sad, but that’s just the reality that we’re facing..

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